Goosebumps Chronicles ~1. 10 albums of 2019

New goosebumps from old friends. Image by lunamontem

Selected goosebumps blog is proud to introduce a new section. Here we are going to share new masterpieces issued by the heroes of our previous publications. Some other stuff is on the way as well. Let’s say everything that doesn’t fit in the album form.

1. The Natural Yogurt Band – “Braille, Slate & Stylus” (2019)a2838843916_16

The latest piece called “Braille, Slate & Stylus” has appeared in May, 2019. It seems to be more melancholic and calm. Nevertheless, it stays funky and keeps the style and Natural contents.

Braille, Slate & Stylus  (2019) | Away With Melancholy (2008) at SGbumps

2. Jambinai – Onda (2019)a1972931995_16

Extraordinary Korean band has released another masterpiece in June, 2019. This time even more experimental and overwhelming. Away from traditional and habitual.

Onda (2019)| A Hermitage (2016) at SGbumps

3. Prettiest Eyes – Vol. 3 (2019) a3712473366_16

Also in June, the trio Prettiest Eyes was back with a new work done. I have no idea who is that Johnny but it’s all pretty catchy!

Vol.3 (2019) | Pools (2017) at SGbumps

4. Föllakzoid – I (2019) a2705756008_16

August comes, and Chilean masters of psych delivered their fourth full-length album with a title “I”. Well, which name are they going to give to the next work?

I (2019) | III (2015) at SGbumps

5. Ufomammut – XX (2019)a1207731369_16

Italian mighty trio has celebrated 20 (what?) years back in 2019.  XX is their half-acoustic “tribute” to own songs, this time demonstrating another dimension of Ufomammut.

XX (2019) | 8 (2017) at SGbumps

6. Hashshashin – “Badakhshan” (2019) a0096479134_16

This great album was born in late September. The journey continues to bring us new horizons, and Hashshashin is no worse than before.

Badakhshan (2109) | nihsahshsaH (2016) at SGbumps

7. We Lost The Sea – Triumph & Disaster (2019) a3162475629_16

In October, Australian titans We Lost The Sea brought to the world their new epic story which was geniously illustrated as well.

Triumph & Disaster (2019) | Departure Songs (2015) at SGbumps

8. Halma – The Ground a3017830620_16

German quartet has changed one of its participants. The latest album which arrived in October, went rather under the ground than in midair. However, Halma is still very Halma.

The Ground (2019) | Granular (2015) at SGbumps

9. Psychic Lemon – Freak Mammal (2019) a4108596018_16

The lemon keeps whirling, the new orbit is reached. We have much wider volume, this wave spreads and throw you straight into the black hole.

Freak Mammal (2019) | Frequency Rhythm Distortion Delay (2018) at SGbumps

10. Gifts For The Earth – “Sleeping Limbs” (video) 05.01

In December, 2019, new astonishing video for “Sleeping Limbs” (Wertheim Session) was released. Great  job for a great composition. Just check it.

Velvet Bloom (2019) at SGbumps

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