Life on Venus – Departure (2019)

a1642253156_16 🇷🇺 The night is cold and dark. Shimmering stars and only a tiny whisper somewhere around… Nice atmosphere of Life on Venus.

Life on Venus hails from Moscow, Russia. Two ladies and three young men create romantic compositions with an ambience which makes you melt and slide away.

Calm and dreamy music, wandering between genres and never sticks to something solid. Resembling echoes and voices of the past and perhaps from the future. Like you are out of time and just staring at the skies…

Effects thanks to pedals come eventually seasoned with some heaviness where needed. After all, “Departure” is a great piece of evolving art, nice EP from a promising band.

facebook page: lovenusband

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2 thoughts on “Life on Venus – Departure (2019)

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