Moon Hooch – Moon Hooch (2013)

a2392791305_16🇺🇸 It’s on the brink of jazz, pop and avant-garde music (and common sense as well). Moon Hooch unearth all possible from two saxophones and drums kit to create the most bizarre sound from it.

They used to play at the subway stations, NY parks, straight in the city, accompanying events like pillow fights, got to BBC music  and made a bunch of performances. They never stop and get tired. After years, they have obtained longer haircuts, but still pure energy goes out tenor saxophone, baritone saxophone and stunning drum beats. All this keeps freaking out not only their drummer with bewitched look.

The only one album currently available at bandcamp is self-titled release dated 2013. The first track starts from the subway station as they did themself. Since that time Moon Hooch has made a lot of fun… perhaps they have not so much time to spend on making records.

Nevertheless, you should try this cocktail. Take care though.

facebook page: Moon Hooch

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3 thoughts on “Moon Hooch – Moon Hooch (2013)

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