Dimatis – Floating EP (2019)


🇵🇦 Chillout and dubstep? Why not: Dimatis knows how to make this symbiosys real. Don’t expect harsh passages though, it’s rather chillish not sillish.

Yizack Rangel also known as Dimatis is young author from Panama. His compositions fall out of genres… or absorb effects from diverse manners to reach a state of “chillstep“. Just think you are going to relax and keep calm without to yawn. Dimatis has his tricks on standby to give you a shake. I think it worth it.

Short but pretty nice EP. Atmosperic and amusing. Giving a chance to someone who avoid habitual synthetic stuff (me for instance). I guess even advanced listener of electronic music should check “Floating” out. Something exotic from the other side of a globe…

Facebook page: DimatisMusic

Get this album via bandcamp

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3 thoughts on “Dimatis – Floating EP (2019)

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