Florida Man – Tropical Depression (2019)

a3959813013_16🇺🇸 Tropical what? Depression… Quite unusual for a depression to be tropical. Then, it’s made by Charleston (South Carolina) based Florida Man. Double whammy!

Do you know who is Florida man? I had no idea before. After all, quite correct name for this band: annoying and exciting at the same time. And to quote Wikipedia, Florida man could be called World’s Worst Superhero. Well, these guys probably aren’t goody two-shoes; I cannot say more and their bio pages tell no more.

They’re loud and reckless. So is the music they do. Good blend of punk and extravagant stuff, all doesn’t meet mainstream. Not to mention directly explosive vocals making the songs straightforward and double-edged. Straight to the head. Bang!

facebook page: WhoIsFloridaMan

Get this album via Apple Music | Google Play | bandcamp

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4 thoughts on “Florida Man – Tropical Depression (2019)

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