Nadsat – Feral (2019)


🇮🇹 Would you like to untangle these riffs and stay sane? Barely you’ll do that with Nadsat.

Nadsat duo hails from Bologna, Italia. Michele Malaguti (guitars) and Alberto Balboni  (drums) had been sharpening their art since 2015. At that time, the first EP was published. And now, the world has a full-fledged force embodied in Feral.

Comparing to previous music, the latest release is way more elaborated. It’s laden with heavy stuff. Just unload and enjoy.

The guys bring the power through some noise riffs, played precisely to punch the nerves. Feral starts with a blast, with no mercy. Go ride that Rhino and try not to fall down. Another favorite track is Vostok.  That high-speed pendulum makes a clock ready to explode.

facebook page: Nadsatmusic

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