Eternal One – Infinite (2018)

a3137982443_16 🇺🇸 Musical fractals catching your mind and getting it inside a whirlpool: this is what “Infinite” appears to be.

Eternal One is a child of Casey Willis from Asheville, North Carolina (US). This guy is interested in complex structures and converting this stuff into vivid compositions.

Through listening, gradually the album depicts the full range of author’s imagination: “Dimension” and “Evolving” are in a row. Casey’s mathy sound is constructed by rhythms and repercussions, artificial but also resembling something cosmic and eternal. Eternal One.

It’s a great journey into a loop where you can find yourself listening to the previous track. It’s all fast moving: try not to focus on something particular as in a couple of minutes you run the risk to fall out…

facebook page: EternalOneBand

Get this album via Apple Music | bandcamp

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5 thoughts on “Eternal One – Infinite (2018)

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