Sky Flying By – (Re) Routed (2018)


🇺🇸 It’s just a perfect time to watch the clouds and feel the light wind. Now, and at any other moment, as the nature is eternal…

Sky Flying By is a child of David Palmer living in Boston, US. He started to write music around 20 years ago sharing his outcomes only with several friends. During his own epoch, he has been moving forward to reach mastery.

On this record, you’ll hear piano, synths, guitars and bass, and drums of course as David always pays attention to beats. Find also a real string quartet performing in a couple of compositions, surrounded by keys and minimalistic arrangement.

Perhaps “(Re) Routed” indicates well that something neoclassical may be progressive and experimental in the same time, when the borders are disappearing under the author’s will.

facebook page: Skyflyingby

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3 thoughts on “Sky Flying By – (Re) Routed (2018)

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