Folknery – Music from Two​-​Wheeled Chronicles, Vol. 1 (2018)


🇺🇦 What about riding a bicycle, listening to the sound of living world around and singing all the way long? It’s what duo Folknery share with us.

Two-Wheeled Chronicles (or Двоколісні хроніки in Ukrainian ) is “cultural cycling project”. Volodymyr and Yaryna are travelling all the world and investigating various cultures, all having in common life on our globe. The couple is also a musical piece as they create songs out of traditional Ukrainian folk music, world music and all what they meet around and inside.

This particular album is a diary of ongoing journey: here you’ll get compositions and sketches in the margin. The record is full of light spirit familiar for all the travellers around the world but also for those who spend their precious life in the maze of cities…

So don’t lose time and grab your handle bar! The trip doesn’t wait.

facebook page: Folknery

Check out Two-Wheeled Chronicles project (Youtube channel).

Get this album via bandcamp

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8 thoughts on “Folknery – Music from Two​-​Wheeled Chronicles, Vol. 1 (2018)

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