Bombay Groovy – Odyssey (2019)


🇧🇷 Reaching Brazil, we can get straight to India and to Great Britain in its seventies in the same time.

Bombay Groovy consists of sitar, drums and Hammond organ, Rodrigo Bourganos, Leonardo Nascimento e Jimmy Diniz Pappon respectively. Sometimes we hear thereminvox and some percussion as well. The trio comes from São Paulo, Brazil. Their experiments touch the rich Eastern tradition of sitar music and blends this with the Western psychedelia and beats.

The album starts with the shiny “Le Bateau d’Orpheu, attractive upbeat piece with plain texture so suitable for a sitar. I’d say it’s my favorite song out of the record. Furthermore, the guys jam a lot, taking time for calm improvisations anh highlights with a faster tempo.

Odyssey continues his travel and gets exactly to the heart. Some goosebumps on board!

facebook page: BombayGroovy

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4 thoughts on “Bombay Groovy – Odyssey (2019)

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