Bridge Farmers – Bridge Farmers (2018)

a1046077419_16🇺🇸 Bridge Farmers are exploring heaviness of metal and have good results with this year’s self titled release.

With “Bridge Farmers” you’ll get both downtempo psychedelic patterns and faster doomish riffs. Altogether it sounds impessive.

Are you still alive after the first track “The Source“? In this case brace yourself and move deeper: they have a hammer for your anvil (if you don’t have any, your head is going to be one). In the middle of the album these farmers slow down so much that you even feel each note screwing inside the body.

But no worries, the final track entitled “Pyramids of Montauk” has all sorts of treatments, including rapid finale. So full arsenal is ready to be applied. Hunk of metal.

Warning: flashy content, may cause sickness or headbanging.

facebook page: BridgeFarmers

Get this album via Google Play | Apple Music | bandcamp

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