Bear The Mammoth – Years Under Glass (2018)


🇦🇺 Australian collective Bear The Mammoth is back with a solid album called “Years Under Glass” – great step in own sounding and improvement of its depth.

You’ll find inside nickel Australian-style heavy post-rock, with elaborated songs structure, going through loudness and ambience to slower resonating stuff. Yes, a variety of crescendos and also accurate portion of prog, covering melodies and patterns.

Mellow songs, less tense when expected, with a feeling of something that should happen right now. This anticipation is everywhere within the album, from time to time releasing some goosebumps. I doubt they couldn’t make more of such moments. Anyway,  “Years Under Glass” would be good for those who are not so familiar with a genre and hesitate to start with post-rock. It’s time to step into.

facebook page: BearTheMammoth

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6 thoughts on “Bear The Mammoth – Years Under Glass (2018)

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