Lonely Leary | 孤独的利里 – Through the Park, Almost There (2018)

a1817405726_16🇨🇳 Something special from China: Lonely Leary band makes some noise which keeps spinning in your head.

Jumpy drums, high-pitched guitar and blurry bass lines – all that makes the trio sound shrill. Add a sharp Qiu Chi’s voice as Lonely Leary is hard to imagine without straightforward Chinese lyrics…

Songs of the trio are pretty compact, although they manage to deploy all their forces and throw it into the audience. “Through the Park, Almost There” is the debut album and it seems complete; nevertheless I hope that the band will keep evolving with its sincerity and strength.

facebook page: Lonely Leary

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4 thoughts on “Lonely Leary | 孤独的利里 – Through the Park, Almost There (2018)

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