The Machine – Faceshift (2018)


🇳🇱 The Machine is still perfectly working, sometimes cracking you up with its riffs and energy lurking inside compositions.


I remember well previous works of Dutch power trio being flashy and mighty. Take Coda Sun for example. With “Faceshift” we have something different; although I doubt to call it muffled or vague. I think, The Machine went deeply inside the sound, and we face such a result of sound evolution.

The title track “Face Shift” is surely a peak of experiment as it takes more than eleven minutes while the rest songs are much more compact and pithy.

Groovy stuff, trademark mild vocals and altogether they rock! Instead of regulaar instruments, guys from Rotterdam harness velocity & comments (David), time (Davy) and mass (Hans). Good tools to force us to be a part of The Machine!

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3 thoughts on “The Machine – Faceshift (2018)

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