Sial – Binasa (2018)


🇸🇬 Fast. Angry. No compromise. It’s fresh extremely short but also extremaly powerful relase from Singaporean hardcore punk band Sial.


Taste “primitive hardcore” as it is:  high-pitched vocals. Siti sings in Malay, denouncing society’s weeknesses and inability to support people. Droning guitar, shooting drums and pulsing bass are the friends of fragile girl at her maximum rage.

Sial is a yong band established itself with 2017 Demo tape, the quartet now has improved own style and continues to rock. It’s great when a local thing immediately reaches distant parts of the world: I think it’s due to sincerity of art.

Get known about Sial and enjoy the crushing wave of “Binasa“!

Get this album via Google Play | Apple Music

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4 thoughts on “Sial – Binasa (2018)

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