Nap – Ausgeklingt (2019)


🇩🇪 The German trio Nap has a lot to offer. Their fresh and eclectic album rattles the ground.

Nap’s music has several layers. Deep inside, the strong beats are supported by distortion, somewhere closer to the surface we meet mild guitar, and there is good surf on the top. Check the beginning of catchy “Voigo” and the middle of “Weltraumvolker” to get an idea how diverse these Germans can be.

These guys are referring to “proto-metal” as they touch the origin of metal without getting carried away. It’s interesting because during the decades, metal as well as rock itself have evolved so much that we even cannot count all the genres.

Anyway, what I really enjoyed in Nap’s album is that switch of the tempos that they apply skillfully. Letting you enough time to float and then throwing you right to the whirlpool.

facebook page: NapBand

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3 thoughts on “Nap – Ausgeklingt (2019)

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