Exploded View – Summer Came Early EP (2017)


Accurate and fine work from Mexico-based band Exploded View starred by Annika Henderson (vocals) and the team.

Through their stumbling narrative Exploded View picture a weird world which you can easily join. It is resourceful and calm music with vast persepctive and rich undertones. It’s like you are trapped by humbly beeping synths and the mystic voice of Anika follows you during this adventure.

This EP seems to be short and minimal, but it’s enought to get an idea what Exploded View is. Enjoy!

facebook page: Exploded View

You may also be inspired byJulie’s HaircutГШ (Glintshake)Tera Melos.

3 thoughts on “Exploded View – Summer Came Early EP (2017)

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