Sedaa – East West (2018)


🇲🇳 🇮🇷  Everlasting voice of ancient ages. A brilliant journey through centuries with  international collective Sedaa.


We met a caravan delivering ancient treasures of Glorious Persia and the Great Steppe of Mongolia. A wide variety of instruments such as morin khuur, ikh khuur, yochin (hammered dulcimer), bischgur and others, layered by full range of throat singing.

It’s eclectic style which absorbs oriental music and nomadic ethos. “East West” album is a delight: bright melodies, captivating rhytms, polyphonic songs that never fade away. If you want to try essence, pick “Oriental Rhapsody” first – it’s my personally featured piece from this album.

Sedaa means “voice” in Persian language, and it’s a beatiful voice.

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4 thoughts on “Sedaa – East West (2018)

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