Studio Shap Shap – Chateau 1 (2016)

a2450685174_16🇳🇪 Welcome to mysterious world of Studio Shap Shap: authentic music that encourages you to go further and further through this album and surround yourself by its pure atmosphere.

This album, being recorded live, represents the modern life in Niamey (Niger). It reflects deep traditional music on contemporary patterns – artificial and natural as well. It’s totally surprising to find so different  reverberations meeting together.

A lot of small sounds in eclectic compositions make their own universe. Handmade instruments like molo or douma, voices of old and young, street echoes… and unexpected piano notes and samples also appear in the music of Studio Shap Shap.

To me, it’s a true discovery. Don’t hesitate to be fascinated by this art like I am still.

facebook page: Studio Shap Shap

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3 thoughts on “Studio Shap Shap – Chateau 1 (2016)

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