Vargan Hall – Welcome to Vargan Hall (2018)

a3057912313_16🇷🇺 Jew’s harp joined by percussion or drums borns groovy waves, mystic and charming – calm or heavy depending on the author’s intent.

Vargan (khomus or jew’s harp) is an instrument appeared in ancient East with a bunch of other names given by different cultures all around the world. Vargan is exceptionally small but extremely powerful tool as it creates special resonance, spreading from deep inside through the mouth to the auditory.

Vargan Hall is a project running by a humble guy from Krasnoyarsk (a city in the heart of Siberia, Russia) Evgeny Stepanov. He prefers minimalistic clear sound with varying accompaniment, mainly acoustic and also synths for other compositions.

Great album to begin with! Wish all experiments to come true, good luck for Evgeny and his friends!

Get this album via bandcamp

You may also be inspired by Byron Metcalf  | UwalmassaShono (Шоно).

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