Funky Bijou – Yasuke EP (2018)

a3049004986_16 🇫🇷 Funky Bijou gives you some breaks – this rule has been working well for years. Here we have Japanese influences rolled up inside electronic laver.

Funky Bijou Brothers are Deheb & Marrrtin – DJs which tinker with samples and make great pumping up beats. This time they decided to make their stuff more fashionable by introducing to us some Japanese patterns.

Well, to a person who neglects club culture this EP could be a good chance to switch to electronic music for a while. Anyway, I found “Yasuke” carefully worked out record, as least worth to listen to.

facebook page: Funky Bijou Music

Get this EP via Apple Music | Google Play

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5 thoughts on “Funky Bijou – Yasuke EP (2018)

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