Uwalmassa – Uthiri (2018)


🇮🇩 Uwalmassa creates audiovisual landscapes where artificial patterns suddenly bring up pearls of Indonesian authentic sounding.

Uwalmassa is a trio organized by Harsya Wahono, Randy M. Pradipta and Pujangga Rahseta. Their art deconstructs everything that these guys have heard and converts it into extravagant set of impulses. A listener is introduced to tiny samples and echoes of ancient culture as well as to hi-tech features that are around.

Wavy percussion and digital processing can live in single structure; it’s not so often when the resulting composition sounds natural and harmonic. “Uthiri” is a mystic act involving you even if you suppose it’s you who involves something.

Gendang and gong invite us deeper in the universe of exotic Indonesian musical culture. It’s a perfect chance to taste something that you’ve never tried  before.

facebook page: DIVISI 62

Get this album via: Bandcamp

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2 thoughts on “Uwalmassa – Uthiri (2018)

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