Reverie Falls On All – Stellar Stream (2017)


🇹🇷 Here’s an album made by two Turkish experimenters and their collective imagination. Altogether they break walls between digital and analog sound.

Reverie Falls On All is Istanbul-based duo run by Burak Tamer and Barkın Engin. They do have guitars but don’t play rock. Their electronic devices are not for ordinary beats and raves.

What we receive instead is a bouquet of tales told by good storytellers. There is no need for words and sighs as the music does it better. Minimalistic and dreamy, it surround us while we go further through virtual space seeming very familiar to the world we are living in.

Nice journey with Burak and Barkin to have and repeat from time to time.

facebook page: Reverie Falls On All

Get this album via Google Play | Apple Music

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4 thoughts on “Reverie Falls On All – Stellar Stream (2017)

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