Bixiga 70 – Bixiga 70 (2021)

🇧🇷 It’s time for a flamboyant moment in our blog! Bixiga 70 is here with their reissued debut album.

This Brazilian band throws the listener into the middle of a carnival. Loud brass, funky guitars, friendly keys and vivid beats are served together to impress even the shiest person in the world.

Hot passion melts jazzy rhythms, afrobeat and local atmosphere. Everything balanced inside, with an opportunities for calm listening and irrepressible enjoyment.

Seven tracks, seven episodes of a single journey into the jungle, where the wild form of music live. Don’t worry, Bixiga 70 domesticates this hurricane and transforms it into obedient catchy waves. Catch one of them and don’t resist.

facebook page: bixiga70

Get this album via bandcamp | spotify | deezer | apple | youtube | yandex

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2 thoughts on “Bixiga 70 – Bixiga 70 (2021)

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