X-Projekt – Opowieść – Byzantine Mosaic Suite (2021)

🇵🇱 Polish act X-Projekt presents their reconstruction of ancient music which is immortal, as it lives in the hearts.

X-Projekt is the alliance between Piotr Podlewski (guitars), Adam Meryk (electronics, keyboards), Arkadiusz Kozakiewicz (percussion). The trio investigates exceptional domains of music and makes them regain new forms.

After their hot debut “Flamenco Industrial“, the band has been focusing on various topics, and “Byzantine Mosaic Suite” is a perfect continuation of previous experience. While listening to this album, it’s hard enough to distinguish where the Byzantine music ends and modern arrangements begin.

Conversely, there might be no sense to seek for these distinctions. Experiment of X-Projekt involve wide range of instrumental material, both acoustic and electronic, with a space for freedom and inspiration.

facebook page: X-Projekt

Get this album via bandcamp | spotify | deezer | apple | yandex

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2 thoughts on “X-Projekt – Opowieść – Byzantine Mosaic Suite (2021)

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