Cinematicа. E01. Five Drafts for Movies With You

These soundscapes are embracing you, just be there and you’ll feel. Image by lunamontem

Today we encounter five soundtracks for unwritten movies. Perhaps it’s even more interesting when the music arrives first, and your imagination does the rest. You can easily flip to your past, or think about a fuzzy moment somewhere you’ve never been to.

1. Skycircles – Timelaps (2021)

🇩🇪 Michael Scheugenpflug is the guy who opens our episode. He runs the Skycircles project concentrated on touching atmospheric ambient music. Based on piano, it has minimalistic design and reach backgrounds. The author’s intent was to create something organic and flawless. Sounding natural and being natural in its core. Transmitting the state of alone to the wild, not alone, exactly, as the world not only surrounds but interacts with you. It doesn’t matter how many people are around. The moment matters, and so does your inner feeling.

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2. Pêtr Aleksänder – Collage (2021)

🇬🇧 This wonderful album coming from London seems ambivalent in a good way. Melancholia and optimism here go hand-in-hand. Piano and synths are accompanied by the string instruments: cellos, viola and violin. How nice this alliance sounds! You would even doubt whether this world is imaginary or real, just close to you. A life like a movie being filmed all around you, why not? Have you ever suspect something like that? The duo Pêtr Aleksänder will help you to change the perspective and switch to the director’s point for a while.

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3. Tim Linghaus – Memory Sketches II (2021)

🇩🇪 Each of us live with their own memories, right? Tim Linghaus invites us to the journey through particular days of the childhood and youth, and further on… It appears to be so breathtaking, when a tiny sound born in the piano or in the ambience, a rustle or a touch, is in the centre of attention. Like a snatch from the memory, a flashback that comes immediately and causes a light smile. It’s nothing better than sketching it, and it’s exactly what Tim has been doing. Dealing with the sonic elements, not with the crayons. But there’s no difference at all.

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4. Anoice – The Hidden Forest (2021)

🇯🇵 This album by Japanese quartet Anoice is a musical illustration for a series of paintings by Naoko Okada. The compositions received the same titles and are meant to unveil the moods inspired by these pieces of art. It’s a collection of spectacular and dramatic songs, created by merging acoustic sounds with the natural ones. Involved instruments include guitars, keys, organ, glockenspiel, celesta, violin, harmonic pipe and more. Besides that, you’ll hear the voices of wind and water es, coming directly to your soul.

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5. Aukai – Entretanto (2021)

🇺🇸 Today’s fifth masterpiece comes from Durango, Colorado. This short but pithy recording by Markus Sieber and his friends is full of passion and lovely atmosphere. This world never stays the same, it moves and changes. So do sonorous strings and small droplets of sound that fall down on the surface. It’s a moment to close your eyes and to stay with the wonderful music, letting the rest go and free your mind for a better state and future. Keeping your past and the world’s history in each cell, for sure.

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