Akram Abdulfattah – From Here (2022)

🇵🇸 Together with Akram Abdulfattah, we open a new direction of violin-based eclecticism, marvellous and fascinating.

During his career, Akram has been developing techniques and approaches to retrieve pure excitement out of his violin and supporting tools.

On the “From Here” album, he gathered seven masters from so different corners of the world as Palestine, Turkey, Cyprus and Sweden. What might appear out of such a collaboration? No doubt, something special, right? Yes, a lot of what we like in music. Traditions and roots, experiments and barriers breaking.

It’s freedom and independence, being expressed through the sound. Tenderly tickling your soul, these compositions will leave oriental incense after the last passage, and the feeling of a mirage disappearing as you open your eyes.

facebook page: akramabdulfattahofficial

Get this album via bandcamp | spotify | deezer | apple | youtube

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