Turtle Skull – Monoliths (2020)

🇦🇺 Deep, elegant and a little bit weird album for you. It’s here not only to obtain pleasure but also to question yourself.

What a great album from the Aussies Turtle Skull! They certainly ruin barriers between genres and carelessly glide from dream pop to even something close to doom/stoner metal. To tell the truth, you’ll not hear any of that. Instead, brilliant multidimensional experimental rock is masterly presented.

Pay attention to the content rather than to the form. The album starts from a sensual appeal. Do you feel the nature moving through you each moment? You have two hands, but what is there between them? During the album. you’ll face a row of questions, and don’t hesitate to ask yourself with Turtle Skull.

The band is five piece, and you’ll definitely hear each of them: Dean McLeod -(guitars, vocals), Julian Frese (bass, piano, vocals), Charlie Gradon (drums, vocals), Tobia Blefari (percussion, and Dan Frizza (synths). A true gem prepared for us by Art As Catharsis!

facebook page: turtleskullmusic

Get this album via bandcamp | spotify | deezer | apple.music | youtube.music

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2 thoughts on “Turtle Skull – Monoliths (2020)

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