Catching cosmic waves. 5 albums from the outer space.

It’s time for a space journey. Selected Goosebumps’ crew has plenty of astronauts on board, equipped with their digital stuff, resonating strings, and even balalaikas.

Cosmos behind the layer. Image: lunamontem

1. L.G. Zykina State Academic Russian Folk Ensemble “Rossiya” – Outer Space IV |Открытый космос IV (2020)

🇷🇺 Conventional academic collective playing experimental music written by young talented composers, what can be more unexpected? It’s where the noises and weird sounds meet oboe and balalaika. That’s how the cosmic dust approaches the surface of the Earth and the beams from the sun get in contact with the tiny human hearts. Putting on this album equals diving into the galactic.

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2. ABCD – Music Of The Abandoned Airports | АБЦД – Музыка Заброшенных Аэропортов (2020)

🇷🇺 Epidemia had suddenly affected all the aviation. So, airports around the world are still facing difficulties. But what if at one point all citizens disappear? Which music will sound in the abandoned hubs? We already know, as young Russian composers and ABCD label from Izhevsk have issued this strange and impressing compilation.

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3. Motion Kapture – Out of Focus Volume 2 (2020)

🇮🇹 Two Italian composers, Stefano Rossello and Juno Di
Filippo Corradin, present their attempt to get a ride on a comet. Engrossing adventure into wilderness. Distant stars shine for us while the compositions unfold and share their pulse with an unequipped listener. It’s living muisc, spectacular and interactive.

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4. Killanova – New Constellation (2021)

🇦🇹 It’s time to turn up in Brisbane, Australia, where Killanova project has a nice instrumentation for observing planets and constellations. It’s not a telescope though, rather electronic tools which are used to create so touching soundscapes. Some drone, ambient and thrilling sounds are included. just give it a try, and you disappear in your habitual reality.

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5. Hainbach – Light Splitting (2020)

🇩🇪 Hainbach’s “Light Splitting” is the last piece for today. This work has a strong feeling of staying alive. The author’s research is dedicated to the sound itself and to the interaction between human and sonic waves. they are all around and even inside us, coming from objects both very close and far away from us. Join the cosmic sound and forgive all that you can, in the name of the better.

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