Lucidvox – We Are (2020)

🇷🇺 The ghostly glow leads us to a strange place where we meet Lucidvox, a brilliant quartet from Moscow, Russia.

“We Are” is a brave effort to make a statement. Good one, as this album shines brightly, and each single composition has a number of fringes. Four ladies to change the world: Alina (vocals and flute), Nadezhda (drums), Galla (guitar) and Anna (bass).

Mild psychedelic rock boosted by mighty riffs and authentic Russian mysticism. Lyrics which are thoroughly selected as well as the music. Sometimes switching to the storytelling, sincere and profound.

Together with Lucidvox we are unwinding the skein, and n one knows what is going to happen. This journey is even more fantastic because of this state of surprise.

facebook page: lucidvox

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3 thoughts on “Lucidvox – We Are (2020)

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