Soojin Suh – Colorist (2020)

🇰🇷 Coloris trio led by Soojin Suh presents their fresh album, full of colors and tints.

Soojin Suh is an extraordinary drummer and composer from Korea. In her Coloris trio, she has Young Hoo Kim on the bass and Jaehun Kang on the piano. All the rest is done by the author, these impulses and calm transitions, as well as full blown soundscapes.

Along the and bass cotton threads, we are walking towards the deep of this album. From time to time, you hear it as if the piano transposes with the drum parts, and when you are getting used to it, everything switches again, and the narrative continues.

Although the story is told by the keys and the strings, the ambience is created by the drums as well. I’d barely characterize the album, as it’s so diverse. The integral sensation is that the each note matters here, when when you are listening to something tiny and fragile. You already know that extensive acts are coming very soon.

facebook: SooJinSuh

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3 thoughts on “Soojin Suh – Colorist (2020)

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