Numün – Voyage Au Soleil (2020)

🇺🇸 Traveling to the moon has been always tempting for the human. Musical adventure is no less attractive.

The name of the Numün project derives from “new moon”. Here are e enthusiastic experimenters Bob Holmes from SUSS, Joel Mellin, and percussionist and multi-instrumentalist Chris Romero.

The trio creates cozy soundscapes which are so beckoning. Just one step, go closer and disappear within. The listener of Numün is invited to dream about the space adventure, then to be onboard while moving direct to the sun, and even to have a walk on the Moon’s surface.

The “Voyage Au Soleil” album encompasses modern music soaked by both Americana and Asian traditions and served with a broad looping and unusual arrangements techniques. Imagine to hear a mellotron, a harpsichord, a gender wayang, a cümbüş and Balinese gongs sounding ensemble. Not only imagine, but feel free to welcome this music into your heart.

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4 thoughts on “Numün – Voyage Au Soleil (2020)

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