Suzanne Langille & Neel Murgai – Come When The Raven Calls (2020)

🇺🇸 Have you ever imagined to be buried where you stand? What it will be? What is your life for? And why don’t you have answers for such questions…

There are albums that come back to you. Like a good book that stays in your memory and floats to the surface at a certain point. “Come When The Raven Calls” is exactly like that. I guess it’s the raven who calls.

Nine pieces of the narrative by Suzanne. First moments of the life, exhortations from the childhood and inner side of the adult being, all sticking out of these compositions.

Thanks to mystic overtones and goosebumps’ revealing daf sounds by Neel, the songs obtain another dimensions. Multi-layered, they open the hidden door to your subconsciousness and react with barely felt sensations which you have been keeping for all your life long.

facebook page: Suzanne.Langille.Music | NeelMurgai

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2 thoughts on “Suzanne Langille & Neel Murgai – Come When The Raven Calls (2020)

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