Stumari – 1227 m. above the sea (2020)

🇬🇪 We’re now 1227 meters above the sea, where the sun rises above the mountains and caresses our faces.

Be a guest, the Georgians are famous for exceptional hospitality. Here is a gift: precious art, delivering ancestral values, which stays actual p to the moment.

Ancient lyrics, touching melodies, authentic and adorned with some fusion, classical tunes and progressive influences. Swaying and whispering, the sound waves are enveloping your tired self and treat it so kind. This is what’s inside a brilliant album, recorded in hard times of isolation and uncertainty.

Here are nine amazing stories told with the help of guitar, flute, violin, double bass and drums, and, of course, beautiful feminine vocals. It’s like a soul of the Georgian people talking to you and singing its eternal song.

facebook page: StumariBand

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2 thoughts on “Stumari – 1227 m. above the sea (2020)

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