Sleepsculptor – Sleepsculptor (2020)

🇺🇸 These guys are going to make a nightmare out of your nap as they take away any chance to fall asleep.

Anytime when the self-titled album appears, it occupies more attention as it claims to be sort of a central event in the band’s collection. Like “here we have true us, check this out”. Well, Sleepsculptor definitely succeeded on this way.

This album captures both downtempo over-concentrated riffs and chaotic impulses. Sleepsculptor arrives to stir you up while throw all their energy in you face. Explicit, furious, non-compromise.

I admit there’s never a dull moment with Sleepsculptor. Fourteen tracks, which is not that usual for mathcore act. Within, all is sharpened and straightforward, amplified and breathtaking. No breath during that listen!

facebook page: sleepsculptor

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