Embryo – Live at Rochuskapelle (2021)

🇩🇪 Today we listen to unique piece of artm which is impossible to define, as it reaches so many hearts.

Embryo collective has a vast history. Started back in the year 1969 by Christian Burchard, it has been creating music and bringing it to various festivals and live shows.

The best term for what you’ll hear comes from the authors, “Weltmusic”. It absorbs folk, kraut rock, jazz and fusion, all reworked in compositions and improvisations. Intonations of so many civilization, periods of human evolution, golden ages and the epochs of cultural exchange…

This performance was done by Marja Burchard, the daughter of the founder (vibraphone, Rhodes, organ, trombone, accordion, santoor, voice), Maasl Maier (bass, soprano sax, percussion), Jan Weissenfeldt (guitar), Jakob Thun (drums, percussion), in collaboration with Syrian oud master Abathar Kmash.

facebook page: embryo2000

Get this album via bandcamp

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