Ghost Warrior – Fracture EP (2015)

🇭🇺 Soft and accurate beats for your busy commute or for calm end of the day. In both situations it surely works!

Hungarian sound producer Ghost Warrior seems a ghost indeed. You’ll barely find any information about him. Neverhteless, there is some music available online for you to check out.

Ghost Warrior offers nice minimalistic patterns with plain enjoyable structures which embrace your ears and get into your mind. Friendly beats, atmospheric and ready-to-listen-to.

What i like here is that the silence, namely the absence of the sound, gets especially perceivable volume. Not so many musicians can reach such a state.

facebook page: ghostwarriormusic

Get this EP via bandcamp | spotify | deezer | |

You nay also be inspired by Lefthanded Sign | Operentzia | Dimitar Bodurov & Ivan Shopov

2 thoughts on “Ghost Warrior – Fracture EP (2015)

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