Emme Ya – Sacra Morte (2020)

a2280350993_16🇨🇴 Be quiet: here starts the act. Through  massive sounds and tiny noises, you’ll enter the secret domains of the consciousness.

During this journey, you’ll follow several conditions, close to a kind of trance, or some detachment. Walking on the brink, we’ll get our own feelings of what is life and death, awe and silence.

Edgar Kerval from Columbia is a passionate creator working with a word, with a sound, and with your hidden perception. Through acoustic sounds, arrangements and adding the voice, he tells a story which has never been written.

“Sacra Morte” is more than the music. I believe Emme Ya uses musical vibrations to reach a special state where you can observe the reality from another angle. This experience can be really deep if you allow it to come.

facebook page: EMME-YA

Get this album via bandcamp

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