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El Club Del Infinito: behind the masks and paint [interview]

🇦🇷 Hello and welcome to El Club Del Infinito! The Argentinian band with such big name consists of guitarist Acople Corleone, Topetazo on bass, Podri the drummer and the voice of the band Misil. We’ll try to talk with the whole band and get details about their art. 

In 2017, E.C.D.I. released self-titled debut album which already reached goosebumps blog. (Check it out in case you haven’t done it yet!) And now it’s time to have a chat with these lads. 

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Sur Oculto – Sur Oculto (2011)


It’s time for purely bizarre goosebumps from Argentina!

What these guys do is they blow up your mind… gradually. Is it possible? I would thought it’s not: either you get blasted immediately or you are involved in the stream step by step. With Sur Oculto, we have a chance to be blown up all the time we listen to the album.

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