Hvøsch – Lovelorn (2019)


🇷🇺 Grim atmosphere, mystic lyrics and solitude. A barren world bids you welcome. Yhe gates are open.

HVØSCH band hails from Saint Petersburg. Late dark autumn of 2019, the album Lovelorn has arrived. Rich in wild sound, blackish all the way long, but more extravagant than you can expect.

It’s a strange place where desperation meets anxiety and inspiration. You can sink at ease. Just one step and you are not at your habitual comfortable hole. Supernatural force is going to lead your way.

Lovelorn has obtained four pieces, and a perfect title. The strong eternal feeling, and the sense of being lorn. The album appears to be intense and even reckless in a sense. Serious job by five metalheads which deserves a listen. Not for everyone, but for selected. With selected goosebumps, however.

facebook page: HvoschBand

Get this album via bandcamp | Google PlayApple MusicDeezer

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4 thoughts on “Hvøsch – Lovelorn (2019)

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