Teryky – Overcome (2020)


🇩🇪 Dark and crushing, this voluminous music gets deeply into the imagination and memory. Obtaining a resonance, it stays there.


TERYKY is a quartet consisting of Annika (voice), Dominik (guitar), Katti (bass), and Maike (drums). Staying metal, the band is experimenting a lot and escaping rigid border between genres.

Something blackish, down-tuned walls of sound, shrill tremolos. That’s what you encounter when getting acquainted with TERYKY. Let the sound take you all, in this case you’ll feel it by your skin.

“Overcome” is a relatively short EP. Three tracks with a deep meaning, sincerely telling you three stories. They are full of feelings, aspirations and inner conflicts. To overcome, not to give up and to stay what you are, it’s kind of the motto.

facebook page: terykymetal

Get this album via bandcamp | spotify | deezerapple.music | google.play

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2 thoughts on “Teryky – Overcome (2020)

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