Wake – Devouring Ruin (2020)


🇨🇦  A trip to the Abyssal Plain with only a torch in the hand. But no worries, our guide is a genuine one. Please welcome, WAKE the band.

WAKE is a five piece act from Calgary, Alberta (Canada). They are Rob LaChance, Kyle Ball, Arjun Gill, Josh Bueckert, and Ryan Kennedy. The first record by WAKE appeared back in 2002, and since that time the group has been elaborating the heaviest methods of true metal.

I like the beginning of the album, as the first track, “Dissolve and Release”, opens your eyes and prepares you for the next track. Now, with the very first note, you get overwhelmed unmercifully.Just in the circle of fire, blast-beats and that grand growling.

“Devouring Ruin” appears to be monumental one. It’s an album for a thorough listening, when you surf through all scenes the authors prepared for you. Everything on the way is atmospheric to the highest extent.

facebook page: wakeyyc

Get this album via bandcamp | yandex.music | deezer | apple.music

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