Trna – Earthcult (2018)


🇷🇺 Rare atmosphere containg both heavyness and light: Trna is moving forward in creating picturesque metal sounding.

The trio hails from St. Petersburg, Russia. Their stories are vast, intriguing and uplifting. A journey through eternal landscape, deep down and up to the clouds.

Earthcult” is balancing between post-rock drones and black metal blasts. Since previous album, issued a couple of years before, guys elaborated their style although all firm feature are on the place. The icebreaker keeps its route and the team ocean is all around it.

No need to human voice… Sometimes you feel it’s pathetic and lost somewhere in a history. Lonely and calmly our Earth goes spinning on its majestic way, radiant light embraced…

facebook page: TrnaBand

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5 thoughts on “Trna – Earthcult (2018)

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