75 Dollar Bill – I Was Real (2019)

a1336488509_16🇺🇸 75 Dollar Bill band was, is and will be absolutely real, exuding unreally resonant music.

I cannot explain what and how Che Chen and Rick Brown create. It’s more than kind of music or sort of a show. It’s an art of presence, permeating you when you listen to it. Endless cycles, rising and fading, wandering around you and dancing in your head.

It’ like you are at the country music festival, at the nomadic desert camp and in Buddhist stupa at the same time. Meditative, evolving, distant but deeply involved, this music is reaching the deepest areas of your soul.

They are perfect when going duo. They are also on the top in extended version. For instance, at this video made in Brooklyn you spot eight musicians on stage. Guitars, drums and percussion, strings, wind and noise instruments are involved in the theatrics.

facebook page: 75 Dollar Bill

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