Om – BBC Radio 1 (2019)


🇺🇸 Om. They are back. With the same things played in a new manner. Completely overwhelming. Om.

The State Of Non-Return” is one of the most long-living tunes living in my heart. Since the very first time I’ve listened to it, it keeps resonating and inspiring. It bears severe goosebumps ready to jump on you at the very beginning. They’ll stay until the end, if only this end exists.

This time, at BBC Radio 1, Al Cisneros of Om went as far as he could with that overloaded distortion. The bass lines are tremendous. The drums by Emil Amos, the proven ally of Al, sound tremendous. Tyler Trotter took keys in his hands, and did a really good job.

Four movements, four well known compositions which have multiple sense and various sounding. Check this out to reinvent Om for yourself and stay in this state of non-return

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