Mammoth Storm – Alruna (2019)


🇸🇪 It’s a deep violet wave attracting your soul and paralyzing it for almost an hour.

It’s so unbearably slow and tremendous. Indeed, a musical mammoth. Swedish guys don’t hesitate to stamp you in the ground. Selected doom metal with selected goosebumps envisaged.

Vast compositions (as the length normally exceeds eight minutes) with uncompromising structure. You may guess what will happen in a minute but it doesn’t matter that much. This storm is going to pick you and bring somewhere else.

My favorite track is the first one, Giants. It’s simply gigantic thanks to massive riff and profound distortion that follows each movement. You turn it on, and it turns you out. Nothing to add: just try it yourself!

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5 thoughts on “Mammoth Storm – Alruna (2019)

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