Gareth Quinn Redmond & Conor Campbell – Monachopsis (2019)


🇮🇪 Let’s take a glimpse at Gareth Quinn Redmond’s world. Inspiring minimalism embraces you at takes your breath away.

You can almost inhale this music. Notice tiny scratches and echoes in the first track, “Ambre”. For sure, Gareth’s sharp violin and rich keys are the main actors but we also get a lot of nuances and peculiar sounds that make the picture.

As a contrast, “Sonder” begins with remarkably deep wave which kind of resembles unfelt earthquake. Thanks to the bells which complete the sensation. We slide further, and the universe shows its other side. Speechless, we follow the author’s path and cannot find ourselves.

Well, two other compositions deserves attention as well. This EP was composed by Gareth Quinn Redmond, and the music goes together with visual art by Conor Campbell. Youcan check the pictures at his facebook page. Unfortunately, not so much promoted like in video or something. Hope the Irish alliance will leave more record to show to the world.

facebook page: GarethQRConorCampbellArtist

Get this album via bandcamp | Google PlayApple Music

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3 thoughts on “Gareth Quinn Redmond & Conor Campbell – Monachopsis (2019)

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