Деревянные Киты – Супер | Wooden Whales – Super (2019)


🇷🇺 …And I have something special and wonderful for you from the hazy Murmansk, a town at the Northern border of Russia.

This album is perfectly prepared for the listeners’ ears and their hearts as well. Melancholy goes back and forth trading places with the hope, with levity, and serenity. It’s all volatile as it changes day by day. Here is a quote from one of the songs, “Недовольная киса”, sung sonorously by Svetlana, amazing frontwoman of the band.

There are also Timur (guitar), Artem (bass), and Kate at the drums. Together they sway from light minimalistic mode to even scrappy thing. It’s all full of surprise and anticipation of delight.

There are delicate goosebumps here and there. It’s more likely that you\kk get them at the end of the first track. So don’t wait and go sail with that whale! 

facebook page: dereviannyekity

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3 thoughts on “Деревянные Киты – Супер | Wooden Whales – Super (2019)

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