Pavel Vit – Unreleased (2019)

a1491910049_16🇺🇦 Let’s make a journey into ethereal world with a plenty of enigmatic beats and waves. 

Pavel Vit is from Vinnitsa (Ukraine). He plays wind instruments, mainly flutes of various kinds and didgeridoo, and makes experiments with percussion, strings, acoustic and digital sounds. Deriving distant places, musical fragments appear in his coordinate system and evolve to make a difference. With a deep bass and electronic samples, this stuff takes shape and becomes Pavel’s compositions.

This year Pavel decided to publish a collection of previously unreleased compositions. It’s a tricky name for an album because as soon as being published (even only at bandcamp), the art becomes released as well…

facebook page: VitPavelV

Get this album via bandcamp (name your price mode)

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3 thoughts on “Pavel Vit – Unreleased (2019)

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