Bubituzak – Boyutlar (2017)

191018734763-cover-zoom🇹🇷 I could not resist to share Bubituzak with you as it is something special and still not easy to find out.



This brilliant Turkish band create colorful music and weird videos available at Youtube. However, no profile at bandcamp yet, so let’s get what we can get and purchase their works…

Well, it’s where psychedelia meets contemporary popular music with strong folk influences, quirky experiment and a wild party of intuition. “Hoppa!“, and you jump into this sea, where the streams cross ways and carry you further.

Sharp and passionate, Turkish as it is, with plenty of folk ornaments, Bubituzak deserves your listen in any mood you have right away. It’ll get better anyway.

[Attention: flashy content!]

Get this album via Apple Music | Google Play | Spotify

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5 thoughts on “Bubituzak – Boyutlar (2017)

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